Does the plan include accessories such as jewelry, bouquets, and shoes?
Yes, everything is included. You can also bring your own accessories. The price will remain the same.
*Please note that some items may incur additional fees.
Can family members participate as well?
Yes, they can. We can ensure a memorable photo with your family.
Our hotel is suited near the photo shoot locations that offers accommodation for additional convenience of our clients.
What's the schedule for the day?
While it depends on the location, the best time to capture the Hakuba mountains is in the morning. Clouds are more likely to appear during the day, so we believe mornings offer the best conditions for shooting. In that case, hair and makeup will start at 7:00 or 7:30.
If shooting indoors, such as in a church or building, the shoot will start at 9:00 or in the afternoon. Please contact us regarding your desired start time.
Do I need to arrive the day before?
For customers coming from far away and starting at 7 am, we recommend staying overnight. Our hotel allows you to book accommodation simultaneously with your application.
We offer accommodation-only plans, as well as options with breakfast and dinner, so please contact us for more details. After the shoot, you can also explore Hakuba and extend your stay.
When coming from a distant location, how do I decide on the outfit?
All of the wedding dresses that we offer for photo shooting are available to see on our website, up to three models of your choice can be prepared for a fitting session before your arrival.
Please keep in mind that the actual dresses may vary slightly from what you see on the website.
Is the price the same regardless of which dress I choose?
There are some dresses that require an upgrade fee ranging from 33,000 to 55,000 yen (tax included).
Additionally, if you order a larger size tuxedo or dress, there will be an extra charge.
Can I try on traditional Japanese dresses?
Yes, we offer traditional Japanese wedding dresses.
We have shiromuku (white wedding kimono), irouchikake (colored wedding kimono), and hakama (men's traditional attire). There is an additional charge of 88,000 yen (tax included).
What happens if the weather is bad on the day?
Our equipment allow us to conduct a photo shoot in any weather conditions. However, heavy rain and stormy weather might disrupt the photo shoot session and lower the quality of the images we produce.
Therefore, we offer the option to reschedule the photo session for a different date in case of rain.
Can I rent just the dresses?
Yes, you can. we also accept inquiries for rental only. Prices start from 110,000 yen (tax included) for the bride and groom's outfits and accessories. Feel free to come and try them on.
Do the rates vary between weekdays and weekends/holidays?
Yes, there is an additional charge of 22,000 yen (tax included) for weekends and holidays. Due to fewer crowds on weekdays, we recommend choosing weekdays if possible.
Is there a cancellation fee?
Cancellation is free up to 10 days before the shoot. Date changes are possible up to one week before the shoot for an additional 33,000 yen (tax included).
How do I pay for the shoot?
We require payment via bank transfer in advance. Please transfer the full amount or 30% of the contract amount within one week of completing your application.
Please note that this amount serves as a reservation fee and is non-refundable.
Is it possible for me to try on the outfits before deciding whether to proceed with the photoshoot?
Yes, it is possible. We charge a fitting fee of 5,500 yen (tax included).
If you sign a contract after trying on the clothes, the fitting fee will be applied to the photoshoot fee.
What happens after I transfer the deposit?
Once we confirm your transfer, we will reserve your booking. Please settle the remaining balance in cash one week before the shoot or on the day of the photo shooting.
*If there are less than 10 days until the shoot date, we require payment of the full amount.

For any additional payments needed on the day, please pay in cash or via bank transfer within one week after the shoot.
*Please note that we do not accept credit cards or electronic money. Thank you for your understanding.